Premium Features

  • Comfortable Table Seating or Single Seating by Request
  • Passed Appetizers
  • Unlimited Well Drinks
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How many great stories have started on the platform of a train station? Romance, mystery, adventure; what are you going to find onboard? Write the next chapter of your own adventure by booking Premium on the X Train. Take a luxurious seat and enjoy attentive service with all you can drink well drinks and passed appetizers. As the miles melt away to your destination, lose yourself in the gorgeous scenery of the surrounding landscape. Share stories with your fellow passengers, perhaps you’ll meet someone you’ll see more of at your destination. Premium aboard the X Train is the adventure you have been waiting for.

*Please call Reservations if you have a special request.  For questions about accessibility of the train and its different classes, please call prior to booking a reservation on our web-site. All seating is assigned/reserved.