Our Railroad Car Fleet


“A new outlook on happy travel” boosted the Milwaukee Road, with their first end-to-end dome cars built for any railroad. Built for the Milwaukee Road by Pullman Standard in 1952 as Super Dome 53, it is one of 10 ever built and is the heaviest passenger car ever built, weighing in at 104 tons. The Super Dome is ideal for your

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The Milwaukee Road’s Hiawatha streamliners are the stuff of legend. Bringing up the rear of the Twin Cities Hiawathas were the incomparable Skytop parlor lounge observation cars, including the famous Cedar Rapids. Designed by famed industrial designer Brooks Stevens and built by the Milwaukee Road in 1948 in its own Milwaukee Shops for service on

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Lake Pepin Coach

Built by the Budd Company in 1952 for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a 60-seat coach, 14-seat lounge, and delivered for service on the Boston-Washington Senator. It was later converted into a straight coach and used on the Pennsylvania’s Clocker service (although PRR never used the name, it was unofficial until Amtrak formally adopted it in

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Built by American Car & Foundry in 1947 for the Central of Georgia Railway as segregated coaches (white and black passengers had separate seating sections) No. 541 & 542. These cars were used on the Nancy Hanks II streamliners that operated between Atlanta and Savannah, Ga. They were later renumbered 671 & 672, then sold to

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