LA to VEGAS in 4.5 hours

Las Vegas Xpress, Inc.

Company Overview
Las Vegas Xpress, Inc. (LVXI) is in the specialty passenger train business and has three operating divisions, The X Train, is  an excursion railroad between metropolitan areas and resort/casino destinations, X Wine Railroads, which is a rail excursion from metropolitan areas to wine regions, and Club X Train, is a riders membership club for X Train customers.

X Train
The X Train is an excursion passenger rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We expect service to begin in September 2019. LVXI plans to have its casino guests ride the exclusive train service and to manage the host activity of its guests throughout their stay in the resort/casino. We anticipate that, in addition to the service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, future X Train runs will be added in the coming years.

We are going to operate the X Train as an independent train and sold on our own website and through agencies. X Train will provide a complete bundled package of services including ticket, rooms and transfers to & from the station and weekend events such as access to nightclubs, golf outings and restaurants. It will be scheduled as a Friday through Sunday service with passengers in San Bernardino boarding the train at Santa Fe Station and arriving at a new station to be built in Las Vegas and owned and operated by the X Train. We plan to have a joint marketing effort with Metrolink to provide ridership to our San Bernardino station on the Metrolink network. Metrolink serves 12 million Southern Californians currently who ride their trains. Only the X Train will be able to use our station in Las Vegas. A typical X Train will carry 10 passenger cars and will include food service and will carry on average, 500 – 700 passengers per trip. This number can be increased by adding more cars to the route.

Office Locations: New York, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City