The Company

X Rail Entertainment, Inc. Is in the business of operating specialty passenger rail service from metropolitan areas in the US to resort gaming/casino destinations. The Company is planning to become a licensed casino host.

XREE has secured an exclusive operating license from Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., which it owns a minority stock position, for the purpose of operating an excursion passenger rail service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Service is expected to begin early this year. XREE plans to have its casino guests ride the exclusive train service and it manages the host activity of its guests throughout their stay in the resort/casino.

The company owns a licensed IATIA travel agency, ClubXTrain which books excursion rail travel for passengers.

X Rail Entertainment, Inc. owns 12 passenger rail cars which it plans to refit to form its Club X passenger rail fleet. The Company has secured a $7 million equity line of credit from Ascendiant Capital Partners