How long does it take to order a Tadalafil?

The time for collecting the order is from one to seven days, then the shipment is made across the territory of USA, which is completely safe.

When will I receive the parcel number?

For security reasons, parcel numbers will not be handed out immediately.

You will be notified in your personal account that the parcel has been sent and after two weeks, if it is not delivered, you can contact us on the website, through the form, to receive the departure number. When requesting, indicate the NUMBER and DATE of the order. Tracks are NOT issued on Skype.

During promotions and sales, the issuance of tracks may be delayed up to 20 days.

How long will it take to deliver Tadalafil to USA?

The fastest delivery from stock takes 4 days, most users get Tadalafil in 5-8 days.

Delivery time depends on holidays and weekends, distance of the city of delivery and flights of transport aircraft.

Will there be a bank commission upon payment?

When paying, the bank does not take an additional commission. A purchase from an online store in USA is no different from any other purchase from your bank. The currency is converted at the time the purchase amount is debited at the rate of your bank. When replenishing the balance, 4% is added when replenishing from a card by our payment partner.

Can I get my money back?

For security reasons, money is returned from the account only for regular customers.

Who can I contact if I have not found the answer to my question?

There is a risk that you can unknowingly add a scam in Skype, check the logins. We advise you to ask all important questions only directly on the site.

You can contact the course advisor through the website.